Alt title

"Sturgeon fillet in sweet marinade"

13. November
"Sturgeon fillet in sweet marinade"

Ingredients: 200 g sturgeon fillet, 2 small carrots, Paprika, 1 small white or red onion, Leek, Kinza Tomatoes in juice, 100 g rye-flour, 50 g sweet cream butter, Salt, pepper


Rinse and dry the sturgeon fillet. Salt and pepper it. Roll in rye-flour from both sides. Heat up the oven pan and add some butter to melt. When the butter is melt, put fillet in the pan and cook till it's crunchy and golden brown from the outside. Grate carrots on a fine grater, chop red paprika, onions (both white and red). Cook on a frying-pan until onion is translucent. Add spices and tomatoes (if you make this in winter, better use tomatoes in tomato juice) that are previously blanched for better peeling. This will make a hot marinade to pour over the cooked fish. Leave for a couple of hours to pickle. Decorate fish with chopped leek and vegetable salsa:

Preparation of salsa:

Red and yellow paprika Tomatoes Fresh cucumber Zucchini Olive oil Table vinegar Preparation: Finely chop all ingredients, mix them, add salt, pepper, olive oil and a bit of table vinegar.