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New Year Eve

04. December
New Year Eve

Everyone is kindly welcome all day long until 7PM to enjoy the hearty and delicious Latvian traditional dishes giving the taste buds some celebratory fireworks.

At the end of 2017 at 8PM, we will welcome the guests wishing not only to enjoy the romance of the celebration at the heart of Riga, but also have a candlelit dinner and greet the New Year together. At this hour, we will only welcome the guests who have booked the cosiest spot in advance to celebrate the evening and meet the New Year.

The entertainment programme of the New Year’s Eve will start at 9AM when every guest will be able to take part in the Latvian traditional future telling “lead-pouring” to have a sneak peak into what the new year brings.

At midnight, we will enjoy a sparkling celebratory drink and watch the fireworks in the Old Riga together.