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KEY to RIGA is our!

27. November
KEY to RIGA is our!

KEY to RIGA Every city has a key to it. The key secures the city and is used to unlock the city to welcome its guests. You are very welcome to our restaurant KEY to RIGA in order to experience old time Riga atmosphere, enjoy its hospitality and city’s traditional cuisine. The restaurant is situated at the very heart of Riga Old Town—the Dome Square. Our brand is authentic and ancient interior, ample candlelight and traditional cuisine dishes served in clay pottery. Early music ensemble gives a delightful musical experience in our restaurant in the evenings.

Restaurant was created following an inspiration from the legendary Latvian film Devil’s Servants (Vella kalpi) which was made in early 1970’s by Riga Film Studio and was highly acclaimed later on across the borders. The key ... which can be seen in this film, an exact copy of it, stands in the place of honour at our restaurant. By touching this key, everyone becomes richer by a moment of happiness. You can really touch this key, take it in your hands, and a photo CAN and MUST be made of you holding the key! Come and make this happy moment last to share it with others